When is it time?

Things can change overnight.  Or, they can gradually decline before your eyes.    When is the right time to prepare for the next step in caring for a loved one?

For some of us, the timing of this decision is predicated on a fall, a surgery, an accident- something sudden that changes everything.   For others, we may be so close to the situation that we miss the cues until we abruptly notice a need for help.    Regardless, we may be caught off guard, even as we knew “this day would come.”

Some common signs that may suggest your beloved could benefit from assisted care can include:

  • Needing reminders to take medication
  • Noticeable weight loss or gain
  • Loss of mobility or increase in falls
  • Signs of neglecting household maintenance
  • No longer able to perform daily tasks, such as grooming or preparing meals
  • Increased isolation
  • Loss of interest in hobbies

For information on how Senior Care Carolinas can help your family, contact us for help.  info@seniorcarecarolinas.com