When Guilt Weighs In

If you are reading this post you are both concerned and compassionate– and you are likely doing a great amount of research in helping determine the next step for your loved one.    You will be making choices, measuring your decisions and seeking compromise in order to do the right thing.  Whether for a spouse, parent or another member of your unique “family” circle, the idea of placing a beloved person in an assisted living environment can cause a tremendous amount of guilt and anxiety.   This can be emotionally draining.  In general, these feelings can be caused by fear of the unknown. 

It is important for you to understand that you are not alone, that feelings of guilt are not uncommon, and that you have resources to help guide you in providing the best care possible for someone you love.  Knowing deep in your heart that hands-on, 24-hour care in a safe environment is ultimately best your loved one- this is your most important asset. Don’t allow guilt to obstruct your thinking.

SS- Senior Care Carolinas