Is a Family Care Home the Right Place for Your Loved One?

Adult family homes tend to be a good fit for individuals who are looking for a smaller-home-like setting. It smells like home, they are fed home-cooked meals, they offer front or back porches and they often have private gardens and one-on-one care.

They typically feature a high staff-to-patient ratio which ensures there will be close monitoring and there will be quick response to needs, whereas in a larger facility it could take 30-40 minutes to get a response due to higher ratios.

Generally, a family care home provides the following:

A room, either private or sharedMealsVarying levels of assistance with daily living activities, such as toileting, bathing, and even money and health care management, custodial care, such as laundry, housekeeping, and transportation to doctor appointments, reminders to take medications or actual medication administering.

For a senior citizen who is very active, though, a family care home may not offer enough stimulation. A larger community with a wider array of social activities, such as on-site aerobics or outings to nearby events. A family care home is a better fit for a frailer adult who can benefit from more individualized care-giving.

When deciding if a residential care homes is the right fit for your love it’s vital to assess the needs of the future resident. The average price tag for a living in a family care community home is often half the cost of a nursing home care. Although prices vary care usually costs $3500 to $4500 per month. The cost can also vary depending on whether the resident uses a private room or semi-private room and if there is the need for dementia care of nursing care.

Some long-term care insurance policies pay for residential care home costs. Medicaid-health insurance that helps pay for medical and long-term care for people with low income-often covers fees for people who can’t afford the cost of private care.

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