How a Residential Care Facility Can Improve Health

Staying active is an important part of maintaining and improving overall health. That extends into the retirement years, as well. One of the common problems that occurs after retirement, however, is shifting into a more sedentary lifestyle. If you have a loved one who you fear will fall victim to the health problems that can accompany this shift, consider looking into a residential care facility. There are many ways in which the right facility can help your loved one prevent isolation and loneliness while gaining the benefits of better health and well-being. Here are some of the benefits of living in a residential care facility:

  1. Support System – You’ll have peace of mind that there is always someone around to assist your loved one should a problem arise. It isn’t just the caregivers employed by the residential care facility that will be supportive, but also the other residents.
  2. Friendships – With the opportunity to meet new people comes the chance to forge new friendships with those who are in the same phase of life and may have similar experiences and interests.
  3. Nutrition – Diet is one of the biggest components of maintaining and improving health. A senior who lives alone often skips meals and opts for the easiest to prepare meals, which are often lacking in nutrients and have other health-damaging aspects such as high sodium, high fat, and preservatives.
  4. Activities – It is hard to continue leading a sedentary lifestyle when all your new friends are involved in such things as gardening, art classes, playing cards, and more. The health advantages of staying active are both physical and mental.
  5. Less Stress – Your loved one won’t have to worry about tasks such as keeping the sidewalk clear in the winter, mowing the grass, arranging transportation for medical and personal errands, or keeping the home clean.
  6. Security – There are far too many criminals out there taking advantage of senior citizens. That will be greatly reduced by having your loved one in a residential care facility.

If you want peace of mind that your loved one is in a residential care facility that feels like home but has the advantage of promoting health on a physical and mental level, give us a call at Senior Care Carolinas. Each of our locations has 2 to 6 residents, enabling the personalized and customized care your loved one will enjoy. Feel free to call us to arrange a tour and learn more about what makes us different.