Aging Parents and Senior Care in The Carolinas

When do Aging Parents Need Assisted Care?

Aging Parents living on their own, can be a worry for families. Questions you ask yourself ~ Are they still coping? You wonder how you will know when its time for them to have some form of assistance.

There are three different areas to assess when dealing with aging parents. It is understandable that they love their home, they are used to being there and they want to remain in comfortable and familiar surroundings. That goes for all age groups. We love going away on vacation, but there is nothing nicer than arriving home and sleeping in our own bed. The same goes for aging parents. Let them be independent as long as its safe and they are able to take care of themselves.

Signs that Aging Parents are Not Coping

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is easy to notice. When aging parents don’t want to take care of themselves and they avoid bathing or showering, its not difficult to dig in a little, to find out what the real issue really is. Sometimes a few grab rails around the the house, the restroom, steps outdoors, and long passage ways, will help them feel more secure and allow them to care for themselves a little longer.

Sometimes the bedroom and bed linen smells of urine because the elderly have “little accidents” in the evening. That too can be addressed with incontinence products. They will not want to lose their dignity, but a gentle conversation could allay their anxiety. It could be a temporary solution to a longer term problem.


Aging parents are likely to forget. They may not take as much care of things about their home. That doesn’t mean they have dementia and it also may not really mean they need to leave the comfort of their familiar home. Monitoring the situation is important. When they forget to pay their bills, they have no food in their home or they have unopened mail, that could send alarm bells. If they have a favorite TV program that they watch regularly and they don’t seem to be watching it anymore, it could be that they don’t remember the program, or they lost the story.

If they have a motor car and they are used to driving, you may find they cannot remember how to get to a family members house anymore. They will offer excuses, however that could be a big tell tale sign that they are going to need assistance and possible a care giver.

Self Medication

Self medication is an important part daily tasks that elderly parents need to be able to manage. If that is compromised, that can be life threatening and that would be a great reason to be considering care.

The Discussion

There is no easy way to discuss assistance with aging parents. They don’t want to give up their lives and let someone else do it for them. The best time to discuss this next step would have been before it was an issue. If you have a clear path set out prior to the event, it can be an easier decision on your part. At the end of the day, you need to know that your aging parents are safe and looked after. That is your primary task.

At Senior Care Carolinas, we strive to make our elderly folk very comfortable in a residential house in the suburbs. They are taken care of by qualified staff, hand picked for the position. We encourage them to remain as independent as possible with caring hands to assist when needed.

Our Assisted Living Facilities provide care and services to aging parents with entertainment, exercise routines, outings and lots of laughter and fun. It’s the comfort of home in a family environment, not corridors and nurses stations, clinical bathrooms and cold uninviting spaces. Our residents love living in our homes. They get to bake if they want to, they are escorted out for the occasional meal, get to visit the shops and even walk escorted to the local park and other amenities. They are part of a community and its a great way for them to enjoy their golden years.

Please book a tour and see how your aging parents could thrive in one of our communities.

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