Resident-Centered Care, Cornelius, NC

Our resident-centered care in Cornelius is a great alternative to larger assisted living or skilled care communities.

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When you’re looking for the services and help that your elderly loved one needs, we hope you’ll consider one of our resident-centered care facilities. Each of our homes has between 2 and 6 residents at one time. We keep the number of residents limited, so we can be highly aware of each person’s needs and fulfill those needs each day. We know it will be a happier, more comfortable environment if it feels like home.

Our resident-centered care in Cornelius, North Carolina is a great alternative to larger assisted living or skilled care communities. We keep the environment home-like and very comfortable. At Senior Care Carolinas, we know that even though someone may need a lot of assistance and help, they don’t want to be living in a hospital-like setting. That’s why our nurturing environment is so warm and comfortable to our residents.

As a part of our resident-centered care, we understand the importance of preserving one’s dignity. We strive to encourage the independence, freedom, and respect your loved one deserves. Aging can be very difficult on the individual getting older and on his/her loved ones. However, there are better environments available for fostering a happy lifestyle for the elderly that are starting to need help with some of their daily routines. We provide help with medication management, laundry services, bathing, meal preparation, companionship, dressing, and transportation. Resident-centered care is essential to helping your loved one feel adequately supported, without feeling a loss of independence.

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