Assisted Living, Cornelius, NC

We believe assisted living for those in the Cornelius area should permit freedom and respect.

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One of the most common complaints and observations that people notice when their loved one is in an assisted living facility is that assistance can be overreaching to the point where the resident doesn’t feel in control of their life anymore. That is something we passionately avoid here at Senior Care Carolinas. We believe that assisted living should be different because each person is different. We encourage our residents to do those things that they can do, but we’re always ready to help when needed.

We offer a completely different living environment than traditional assisted living in the Cornelius, North Carolina area. Our residences offer personalized care that is completely resident-centered in an environment that feels like home. All the comforts of home are there, along with a dedicated and caring staff and specially trained caregivers. If your loved one wants to take an active or even intermittent role in any of their needs, be that cooking, housekeeping, gardening, or something else, and they are physically and mentally capable of doing so, we think it is a great idea for them to do those tasks.

If you are searching for an assisted living facility that permits the freedom and respect to accept the assistance needed without losing all independence, we welcome you to come tour one of our facilities. The Merriam-Webster definition for assisted is “to give support or help; to make it easier for someone to do something”, and that is the way we view assisted living. We think you’ll agree that it makes for a better lifestyle for your loved one.

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