Assisted Living, Charlotte, NC

We don’t forget the “living” part of assisted living.

iStock-648769444-1-resized-300x158 senior care carolinas family care homesAll too often, the focus of assisted living is more on the “assisted” part and less on the “living” part. Here at Senior Care Carolinas, we pledge to change that. We don’t believe quality of living should take a backseat to getting the assistance you may need with daily activities. Our assisted living locations throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina area are residential homes with just two to six residents. The environment is like living in your own home. You’ll enjoy independence and freedom while getting specialized services such as housekeeping, linen service, medication administration, meal preparation, laundry services, and more based on your individual needs.

Our assisted living properties have a 24-hour staff of specially trained caregivers. The secure perimeter and spacious common area assure safety and enjoyment. A physician is on-call and a therapist can be provided upon request. Upon evaluation and admittance to one of our assisted living homes, a personalized care plan will be developed, and it can be adjusted based on changing conditions.

If you are looking for an assisted living option for yourself or a loved one, you’ll be happy to learn that our intimate home environment was developed by our founder, Melissa Lynch, to be a place she’d be honored to have her parents live in. The result is the perfect marriage of assistance and living that we are confident you’ll enjoy for you or a loved one. Contact us today to schedule a tour and get answers to any questions you may have about our assisted living approach.


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Senior Assisted Living

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