About Senior Care Carolinas

Senior-Care-CenterSenior Care Carolinas is a Family Care Senior Home Specialty Group and they have added featured homes in the communities of Breckenridge and Melbourne.

Senior Care Carolinas owner, Melissa Lynch, has focused for the last six years on providing assisted living care for seniors and disabled individuals in a family care home environment that offers a caring homelike environment for local residents. “I got into the business due to my love for the elderly population and strong desire to meet the individualized needs of each person and allow them to live a dignified life,” stated Lynch.

The residential family care market is unique because it is managed by the same standards of state licensure of a larger assisted living center, but in a smaller individualized environment. This option is a great alternative to an institutional environment and ideal for loved ones who require assistance with day to day needs or those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Senior Care Carolinas strives to provide the family of loved ones the peace of mind knowing that their parent or spouse is cared for in a warm, homelike environment.